How Do We Get Our Employees To Be Customer Driven?

Most of us who are supervisors are employed in businesses with a great deal of customer contact. How well we inculcate in our employees the desire to provide excellent service to our customers or clients in large measure determines our success and the success of our companies.

The question is, how do we get our employees to be customer driven?

The best solution is when employees have a clear understanding that their success and job security all depend upon the success of the company. In other words, when they realize that the customer pays their salary. When each employee arrives at work, each day, determined to make the company as successful as possible, by providing the best service to the customer as possible, you have achieved your goal.

Each of us has to develop our own style of management but one thing that you must do is keep your people informed about the company; its goals, problems and programs. People unfortunately will not have a vested interest in their work unless they believe that they are an important part of the company.