How to Accomplish Outstanding Customer Service

customer service

How do you accomplish outstanding customer service?

People often forget that their attitude is projected quite clearly on the telephone, so it is important to have a positive attitude, even when you are embroiled in a very difficult problem. The image of your company is established by the switchboard operator, your secretary, or someone in bookkeeping.


“Appearance is also important to the customer. Not just the appearance of our employees, which is very important,
but the appearance of the building and offices.”


Job knowledge is important because employees can be helpful, courteous, and concerned about providing good service but they must know their product or service.

Another aspect of customer service is product or service knowledge outside each employee’s area or department. Selling opportunities are often missed because they don’t have the information. In many companies we emphasize customer service and spend a lot of time and money to improve it, but we forget one major aspect. We don’t give our employees written information about what we are selling.