HR Director Tools

HR Directors:

Instead of spending a lot of time developing your HR programs you can easily obtain them and begin fitting them to the needs of your organization.

If you or your company or any organization has any of these problems or other problems, then the Turnkey HR Department will help you either prevent the problem or resolve it quickly, so you can avoid the time, aggravation and cost, and have a more successful company.

  • Mis-hired employee – How to avoid hiring one with unique hiring techniques
  • How to improve a poor performer with unusual corrective actions forms and methods
  • Terminating a poor performer, quickly, fairly and legally
  • Average performers who you need to develop into above average to increase productivity and avoid extra cost of additional employees
  • Concern about jobs qualifying to be exempt and not included in the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements – the jobs may have to be nonexempt, paid overtime, etc.
  • Mediocre Supervisor who has poor department who needs the tools, The Supervision Book, to be a better leader and the result will be the department will contribute more to the company
  • Concern about the 30 Federal and State HR laws – what they are and what do they require the company to do or not to do? Including protected classes, females, over 40, Spanish surname, etc.

Missing many HR programs that will help the company, supervisors and employees:

  • Performance Appraisals – setting MBO’s and high standards
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Offer letters
  • Manpower Planning program
  • Americans with Disability Act
  • Safety program
  • Opinion/attitude surveys
  • Employee Handbook, includes cell phone use, avoiding harassment, benefits, terminations and many more policies

Salary administration including:

  • Establishing job grades and salary ranges
  • Morale problems, stress on the job and communication issues
  • Cutting manpower expenses with proper layoff techniques