Improve Sales – How to Improve Sales?

By doing an analysis of how a Salesperson spends their time, making changes to maximize sales and customer contact time, there can be an increase in sales.   Sometimes the Salesperson will make the corrections after the analysis.   Other people require the manager to make the changes.

  • The Salesperson should complete the form weekly and discuss it with their manager weekly, if sales need to increase significantly.  The form could also be used for a                                                              month or two and then discontinued after the changes that are made result in an increase in sales.
  • The Other Non-Sales time should be reduced to a minimum of less than 10% of the total time in a week.   The Sales Administration should also be efficient, with other employees providing research or support to assist the Salesperson to reduce their administration time.
  • The Sales Time should be approximately 80% or more of a sales person’s time.  How that time is used is also critical to success.   It must be planned, well organized, efficient, and    get results.   The quality or type of prospect is important so time is not wasted on unlikely prospects or accounts that are too small.  Also, most prospects are only turned into clients by in-person sales, not mail, Fax, or telephone.  Scheduling of trips, confirming appointments, etc., are important to effectively conduct a sales plan.