Prospect Reports

Prospect_reportsThe Prospect Report should be completed weekly by the Salesperson and discussed with their manager, either bi-weekly if a large improvement in sales is needed, or monthly if sales are on target.

  • Prospect/Contact/Source Section:
    • List any prospect, who the primary contact is, and the source for the prospect. An analysis of sources is important to see where the leads are being generated. The prospects can be listed by size, type of business,  geographical location, etc.
  •  Estimated Contract Amount:
    • Indicate the service or product needed and an estimate of the potential contract. This helps to keep the focus on larger prospects.
  • Contacts – Telephone, Visit, Mail:
    •  This shows the amount of contact, the type and the frequency.   This will indicate when follow-ups are required.
  •  Proposal, Date, Amount:
    • This  section  is  a  reminder  so  appropriate  follow-up  can  be  made  after  the proposal.
  • Status, Follow-up Action:
    • At any stage of the process of getting business the right follow-up at the right time is necessary to get the business.