How to Improve a Poor Performer

There are only two reasons why employees don't do a good job. They either can't do the job, or they won't do it. If they can't do the job satisfactorily then the solution  should  be  quite obvious—they should be transferred to another  position or eventually  they may have to leave the company. As harsh as this may sound, most people will find a … [Read more...]

Measure Awareness

The overall objective of this research is to measure awareness, attitudes, and usage of the company among both customers and non-customers in order to determine whether the company should increase the product base or increase their customer base, as well as what additional products or services are needed in the future. Specific objectives include … [Read more...]

Tips for Customer Service

Some specific tips for customer service: • Use the customer's name. • Frequently use “thank you” and "please." • Always get an answer for the customer. • Stand up when the customer approaches your desk. • Show an interest in the customer—use the word "you" more frequently than "I." • Answer the telephone within two rings. • Ask the customer … [Read more...]

How to Accomplish Outstanding Customer Service

How do you accomplish outstanding customer service? People often forget that their attitude is projected quite clearly on the telephone, so it is important to have a positive attitude, even when you are embroiled in a very difficult problem. The image of your company is established by the switchboard operator, your secretary, or someone in … [Read more...]

Improving Performance with Appraisals

Most employees believe their bosses do a poor job of appraisals. A recent survey of more than 4,000 employees found that 70 percent believe that review meetings had not given them a clear picture of what was expected and that job objectives were not clearly established. How do you give a successful appraisal of an individual during the … [Read more...]

Workers Need to Know What’s Expected?

Because of massive layoffs and downsizing, high unemployment, mergers and acquisitions, the traditional high job security in companies has largely disappeared. As a result, people are insecure and are therefore more than willing to do a good job so they can continue to be employed. Employees everywhere have realized that the better they perform … [Read more...]

How Do We Get Our Employees To Be Customer Driven?

Most of us who are supervisors are employed in businesses with a great deal of customer contact. How well we inculcate in our employees the desire to provide excellent service to our customers or clients in large measure determines our success and the success of our companies. The question is, how do we get our employees to be customer … [Read more...]

Establishing Objectives

Establishing objectives is definitely a top down exercise. Top management has to establish the overall ovjectives first. If you are the owner of a company or president of an organization, what is your market? What are your products and services now and what will they be in the future? Once this is established, in writing, you need to establish … [Read more...]