Management by Objectives

Management by Exception - only critical problems (exceptions) need to be discussed between the monthly meetings Communications up, laterally, and down. Focus on the projects that are the most important. Means to objectively measure performance and accomplishments each year. A method to significantly increase the accomplishments each year, … [Read more...]

The Best Definition of Management

The best definition of management was created by the American Management Association. "It is the act of getting things done through others and having them do it willingly". It is a difficult art, not a science, like the computer business or manufacturing. Have you ever bought 10 boxes of performance or three cartons of morale? These are … [Read more...]

Giving Workers a Greater Voice

A Small Change Can Improve Your Companies Productivity Practically every one of us has ideas about how to improve our job, department, or company. The problem most of us have is no one is interested in our opinion. In  the past, management always thought that it was right. To ask workers opinions on how to improve the company, was believed by … [Read more...]

How Do We Get Our Employees To Be Customer Driven?

Most of us who are supervisors are employed in businesses with a great deal of customer contact. How well we inculcate in our employees the desire to provide excellent service to our customers or clients in large measure determines our success and the success of our companies. The question is, how do we get our employees to be customer … [Read more...]