Qualities of a Successful Supervisor

What are the qualities of successful supervisors? Successful supervisors: know where they want to go know how to get there are able to convince people to follow them think in terms of getting things done, not doing them maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of their employees lead by setting a good example are  able  to  … [Read more...]

Supervisor Delegating – Delegating Employees

We all talk about it and we know that we should do more of it, but most of us don't delegate very much. The main reason is quite simple. We're insecure. I have never met anyone, unless he has an employment contract, who is not insecure about something. It is either his or her supervisor, the financial condition of the company, competition from … [Read more...]

Workers Need to Know What’s Expected?

Because of massive layoffs and downsizing, high unemployment, mergers and acquisitions, the traditional high job security in companies has largely disappeared. As a result, people are insecure and are therefore more than willing to do a good job so they can continue to be employed. Employees everywhere have realized that the better they perform … [Read more...]

How Do We Get Our Employees To Be Customer Driven?

Most of us who are supervisors are employed in businesses with a great deal of customer contact. How well we inculcate in our employees the desire to provide excellent service to our customers or clients in large measure determines our success and the success of our companies. The question is, how do we get our employees to be customer … [Read more...]