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For the first time, all of these tested programs are conveniently downloadable at an introductory price:

The Company Success Toolbox

The Company Profit Improvement Plan
The TURNKEY Human Resources Department
The Supervision Book

Here’s Why:

You can make a lot more money than the purchase price each year, when you use the ideas and tools in the 500-page Company Success Toolbox.

  • Increase Sales + Income – Prospect Report, Sales time study …
  • Reduce manpower expense – reduce number of employees and man-hours by increasing productivity
  • Avoid mis-hires by using the employment methods
  • Hire better, more productive employees
  • Get the highest and best use of you and your supervisors’ ability and time by using delegation methods
  • Reduce HR expenses with extensive HR programs
  • Increase efficiency with Time Management
  • Save time and legal fees by avoiding HR legal problems – 30 HR Federal laws
  • Increase retention of your best employees with salary administration, performance appraisal and communications programs
  • Many other tools to increase income and reduce expenses in the ToolBox


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