Reduce Expenses

reduce expenses


Expense Reduction Plan Includes

  • Manpower expenses, payroll and benefits, typically the biggest expenses in any company will be significantly reduced
  • Tracking expenses with the Financial Report. Comparing ratios – Revenue to income, other companies, etc.
  • Expense reports – Tracking and cutting expenses
  • Reducing manpower expenses
  • Job description % of time study to improve productivity of every employee
  • Job analysis – increase efficiency, service, etc.


Performance Appraisal Forms

  • Increase results, productivity of every employee with these forms, non exempt hourly and exempt salaried jobs
  • Rewarding employees to get more productivity and less turnover:
  • Bell Curve – Top 10% – pay above average
  • Middle – 80% –  pay well
  • Bottom – 10% –  improve performance or terminate
  • Results will be more output, productivity from top 90% of the employees
  • Another big result: operate company with fewer employees

Using the Management techniques in the Profitability Program and the Supervision Book and the TurnKey HR Department you will:

Reduce manpower expenses by:

  • Hiring better qualified employees
  • Avoiding mishires who can’t or won’t do the job

Improving communications ideas will improve results, morale:

  • Improving poor performer to get more productivity
  • How to terminate the poor performers and get rid of the expense and improve morale
  • Pay for performance plan to induce better performance and reward it

By utilizing the 300-page Turnkey HR Department:

  • Reduce expenses for HR department
  • All the HR programs, except Payroll and Benefits, are provided
  • Reduce legal liability expenses with the 30 Federal HR laws and the State HR laws
  • Assist all Managers and Supervisors to be better Supervisors by providing them the Managers’ HR Manual

The Supervision Book (100 pages) & Supervision Seminar Video (3 hours):

  • Hiring techniques
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Improving employee performance
  • Many other supervision ideas